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Garmin Mobile 20's smart features include:

  • Phone mount with Bluetooth wireless speaker and microphone — lets you speak "hands-free" so you can focus on driving

  • Intuitive navigational software for smartphones — included on data card and provides the same high-quality navigational features found on other Garmin portable automotive GPS devices

  • Detailed, accurate mapping software — included on data card and provides detailed maps for one European region (European package) or maps of the U.S., Canada and Puerto (North American package)

  • Easy and convenient setup — just plug included data card into smartphone, power up the GPS 20SM and go; software automatically installs itself, turning your smartphone into a fully loaded, wireless navigation system

  • Garmin Online™ — provides free and subscription wireless data services to Garmin Mobile 20 customers with Internet access on their phones. Services include real-time traffic, gas prices, safety cameras, weather information, and other location relevant content

  • Short message service (SMS) integration — lets you send your location via text messaging, and easily view received locations on a map or navigate to them

  • Integrated high-sensitivity GPS receiver — provides faster acquisition times and maintains signal under heavy foliage and near city skyscrapers

  • Built-in suction cup and phone charger — make it a snap to install the GPS 20SM on any windshield and conveniently charge most smartphones (adapters included)



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